Microsoft invests in research and development to support the work of teachers and education leaders. Microsoft partners with education agencies to pursue high yield practices amplified by current and emerging technologies. Read more about research projects and findings.

  • Study Reveals Most Important Skills for Students
    Microsoft Office is one of the top skills required for tomorrow’s best jobs. Help educators provide students with the skills and tools they need for high growth jobs by using Office in the classroom. To ensure students can develop these skills, your school can get Office 365 Education available for free for students who are enrolled at qualifying schools. In addition, with Microsoft IT Academy, academic institutions and their educators, students, and staff get digital curriculum and certifications for technology skills at significantly reduced pricing.
  • Pen? Keyboard? Voice? Touch? Computer Interfaces and their Impact on Learning
    Schools are investing in technology to help students learn perhaps without thinking through how those computer interfaces will impact learning. New research provides insights into the types of technology interfaces that enhance learning and problem-solving. Recent research presented in the paper Computer Interfaces and their Impact on Learning shows that digital pen interfaces are more expressively powerful than keyboard interfaces and more accurately accommodate how we think.
  • Microsoft Research Advances Computer Science and Education
    Microsoft Research is committed to building partnerships with academia to advance computer science and education. This effort extends our scope to include important new areas outside core computer science. These partnerships involve new types of strategic public-private collaborative endeavors with universities, such as research grants, conference support, Ph.D. fellowships, travel grants, and work with universities, institutions, and schools to disseminate innovative curricula. Read more about Microsoft Research.
  • 21st Century Learning Design Rubrics
    The 21st Century Learning Design materials are the basis of a global professional development program for teachers and schools to develop more innovative pedagogies that develop students’ skills for the 21st century. The program is sponsored by Microsoft and continues to be supported in each country by a network of education partners. Read more and find more research findings including Measuring 21st Century Skills.
  • Innovative Teaching and Learning Research
    Leaders around the world understand the need to prepare their youth for the future, a goal that requires a fundamental transformation of education and the integration of technology into teaching and learning. As part of our commitment to education transformation, Microsoft is supporting the Innovative Teaching and Learning (ITL) research project to contribute information and policy insights on effective education transformation

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